How to Go on a Family Date/Outing with your Teenager (for Parents)?

Answer To keep family ties close after your teenagers develop their own social lives, plan "dates" with your children. Go out with them to get to know them better

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Can a teenager drive their parents car when their not on their parents policy?

Answer In OKlahoma all licensed drivers in the household must be listed as a driver or listed as an excluded driver for the policy to be valid. Anything else would result in a fraudilent policy and... Read More »

How to Deal With Your Teenager (for Parents)?

As your kids go into their teen years, it's obvious that things are going to change. Here are some practical steps for parents on how to deal with your teen.

How were you disciplined as a child/teenager by your parents?

My Mom was actually a believer in talking and reasoning. But when punishment was called for she had no faith in time outs ,groundings, etc.--she spanked--usually bare bottom and when I was older wi... Read More »

How to Make Your Parents Believe You're a Well Behaved Teenager?

Do you want to make your folks think you're a good teenager but really goof around? Do you want them to think you're trying to get your grades up? Then read on.