How to Go on a Date when You Are Not Even Allowed to Be in a School Relationship?

Answer Do you want to date someone but are not allowed to even be in a school relationship? If so, this article is for you.

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Is a judge allowed to have a relationship with the plaintiff?

Answer Of course not. It would destroy objectivity. Once a case is over, it may be permissible, but even then a wise person would wait for a period of time.It depends upon how the term "relation... Read More »

Why are adoptees not allowed to have a 'normal' relationship with their first family?

Good question.I think it's has a lot to do with agencies making money and 'some' adoptive parents 'wanting' a child, their own child, without thinking of that child as a teenager or adult and how t... Read More »

How to Tell a Guy That You're Not Allowed to Date?

Many girls look older, and indeed dress older, than they are and therefore attract the sort of attention that they are not ready for. Careful and loving parents will forbid girls to "date" before t... Read More »

You want to go out with your friend but she's not allowed to date what should you do?

If it was me, I would respect her/her parents wishes and wait until she wants to/can date you.