How to Go off a Water Ramp on Skis?

Answer If you like freestyle skiing, or are in a freestyle ski club, use these steps, and it will be way easier!

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How to Water Ski on Two Skis?

Have you ever seen someone water ski? Have you ever been fascinated by the way they seem to glide on the water effortlessly, and thought, "I want to do that someday,"? Well, it's "someday"! This ar... Read More »

Who invented water skis?

Ralph Samuelson,18, is credited as the inventor of water skis in June 1922. His successful use of the invention occurred on Lake Pepin in Minnesota on July 2, 1922, while being towed by his brother... Read More »

How Do Trainer Water Skis & Rope Work?

Training water skis are an effective tool to teach children how to get up and stay up on water skis. They make it much easier to keep your balance through the turbulence of being dragged through th... Read More »

What kind of materials are water skis made out of?

Water skis can be made from a variety of materials. Wood, fiberglass and graphite are all common materials that are used to make water skis. Carbon fiber is also used to make skis but is more costl... Read More »