How to Go Working After a Long Drinking Night?

Answer You'd been drinking and dancing all night because the party was so cool that you did not see time passing, and you get home very late and drunk.Now you have to go to work. Ouch!

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Would it look bad to call in sick to work, after a night of drinking?

are you unable to perform 100 % at work today ? then you might wonna call in , however if youre boss suspects its coz of a nite of drinking , he may not let you call in , coz he,ll figure that ever... Read More »

What is the best way to avoid an hungover after a heavy night of drinking?

My heart palpitations are becoming more frequent , Especially after a night of heavy drinking. HELP!!!?

You are taking beta blockers and you are drinking ?? WOW ; what a good recipe for a heart attack

After an op how long should I wait until drinking alcohol?

The wait after surgery is usually 24 hours unless told otherwise. However, you need to pace yourself to see how much alcohol your body can tolerate before going back to your regular amount.