How to Go Tailgating?

Answer Tailgating is a great social event. Keep reading for ideas to start tailgating or improve your current tailgate.Have you gone to football, basketball, hockey, or other sport games with absolute not... Read More »

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What do you do when someone is tailgating you?

wave to's OK to just use one finger

How do you deal with tailgating?

You should increase the gap between you and the car in front of you so that should there be a problem in front you have more time to stop without the tailgater going up your ar**.If you get a chanc... Read More »

Do you hate people tailgating you?

They do pysse me off but I don`t hate them. And at the earliest and safest opportunity I merely get out of their way. Simplest solution to the problem is to rid yourself of it not screw around with... Read More »

How much is a tailgating ticket in California?

Although each municipality may be a few dollars more or less, the average cost for a tailgating ticket in the state of California is about $146.Source:Court Info California