How to Go Star Tripping?

Answer Have you ever wanted to stun a friend? Try star tripping!

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Why does my gfi breaker keep tripping?

Ground-fault circuit interrupters, better known as GFCIs or GFIs, are used to protect people from electrocuting themselves. They do not protect from minor shocks, only deadly ones, and are most com... Read More »

Why might our main fuse keep tripping?

You have a faulty appliance plugged in, or you're using more electricity than the power outlets can handle. Someone might be stealing your electricity!

The Pressure Switch on My Furnace Keeps Tripping?

Pressure switches work by detecting the pressure of a fluid and shutting down the system if the pressure changes dramatically. This can help protect many household appliances, including furnaces, h... Read More »

Brand new water heater is tripping and has to be reset?