How to Go Onto Webkinz when It's Down for Construction?

Answer Is Webkinz down for construction? Do you want to go on to do your daily things? This article will show you how to get on!

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Can you move webkinz pets on a separate account onto one?

I think so. But you will lose all the kinzcash and items you got with that pet. I THINK! Edit: You can't switch pets.

Do you need to put a vapor barrier down when putting floors onto concrete?

You should always put a vapor barrier over a concrete subfloor. Because of its makeup, concrete tends to sweat in humid weather, or when temperatures change radically in the spring and fall. For th... Read More »

How can you stop others from logging onto your computer I shut down and it says there are others logged onto?

do you use a wireless router? if yes, password protect it so that others cant steal your internet connection.But from what i know, what happens to you is that someone else has also logged onto your... Read More »

Sometimes when shutting down my pc this message appears: "Other people are logged onto this computer" How?

Log them off dude. Has your missis or kids got accounts that they are accessing when you are not on the PC. Go to the shut down menu and select log off.