How to Go Into Psychology With an English Degree?

Answer Psychology, like English, is taken as a major at a university in your undergraduate years. In order to become a registered therapists most people need a Masters Degree and some jobs require a docto... Read More »

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Can you get into med school with a bachelor's degree in psychology?

On One Hand: You Can Get Into Med SchoolAccording to the University of the Incarnate Word, psychology is the second most popular bachelor's degree for medical students, right after biology. You can... Read More »

Value of a Psychology Master's Degree in Getting Into a PhD Program?

Doctoral programs leading to a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) are the most challenging academic programs and for good reason. Possessing a PhD indicates that you are an expert in the field and have ... Read More »

Can I become a cop with a psychology degree?

On One Hand: You Certainly CanMany local police departments do not even require candidates to hold a bachelor's degree. For those departments that do require a two- or four-year degree, a major in ... Read More »

How to Get a Job with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology?

Around 70,000 people graduate with a bachelor's degree in psychology in the United States every year. Because holding an undergraduate degree is not enough to work as a therapist, psychiatrist, or ... Read More »