How to Go Green With Computing?

Answer In these days, shrinking your carbon footprint seems to be very important. How great that a lot of corporations have discovered our need to cleanse our environmental sins. Learn how to be green wit... Read More »

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What does I.T. mean in computing?

IT = Information Technology.rarely used in the industry which usually prefersICT = Information and Communication Technology.///

What does Ram mean in computing?

Random Access Memory - I know what the letter stand for, but haven't a clue what it actually is, sorry.

What does DSL stand for in computing?

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service is a technology that allows high speed voice and data transmission over a single pair of twisted copper wire. DSL service provides bandwidth connections from ... Read More »

What is forensic computing?

Forensic computing is an investigative tool used to analyze digital data and media to determine if it contains any useful information that can aid in solving a crime.AccessInvestigators need to hav... Read More »