How to Go Gray Gracefully?

Answer For many, growing older brings with it the spouting of gray hairs. If your former hair hue has given way to a gray one, you have several options. If you simply aren't ready to deal with gray hair, ... Read More »

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How to Grow Gray Gracefully?

You've plucked the gray hairs until plucking has become a full time job. You've dyed and colored even though the grays pop out earlier and earlier. Dyed hair that is too dark or bright can be more ... Read More »

Does hair turn gray or grow out gray from the roots?

How to Age Gracefully?

Everyone is on the search for the fountain of youth, and consumers pay millions of dollars a year to help turn back the hands of time. Plastic surgery has made aging reversible, but there is a bett... Read More »

How to Go Back to Gray After Gray Hair Was Dyed Brown?

Millions of women and men dye their hair each year to cover the gray. If you've been dying your hair brown and now want to return it to its natural state, there are methods to achieve this. By choo... Read More »