How to Go Down That Silent Dark Alley?

Answer Times come when you need to go down that dark alley of life & savor the lonesome peace it gives. Here is the way:-

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What cop show that Kristie Alley played on?

It is the one where horatio is bleeding and pointing a gun at someone/thing?

Who else wishes that the drill at the dentists was silent?

I can hear it now ... echoing through m'ears.

You found out you are pregnant but you just got what looks to be your period but it is very dark like a dark brownish color do you think that everything is okay with the baby?

See a doctor a.s.a.p. please. Bleeding in pregnancy should always be thought as a serious matter even if it is not due to a problem.I had this sma eproblem with both of my children. Usually when it... Read More »

If it says that all humans alive had ancestors that were dark skin on wikipedia, is that true?

The fosil record looks like humans evolved and migrated from africa, so dark skin makes sense. . .