How to Go Demon Hunting in RuneScape?

Answer Demon huntingDemon hunting is fun, gives you great xp, and gives you good things. Their drops are runes, coins, armor, weapons, tailsmans, gems, and very rarely (1/200, or 1/150 with ring of wealth... Read More »

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How to Kill a Tormented Demon in Runescape?

Its awesome to defeat a tormented demon in Runescape. Here's how.

How to Complete the Demon Slayer Quest in RuneScape?

The award to the Demon Slayer Quest is a Silverlight sword, useful when battling demons.

I have a demon in my house how do i get rid of it !!?

I think you can have a priest, minister or rabbi come and bless your house. You can read up on Feng Shui and rearrange you house for better chiAnd my freind has used incense and a Native American ... Read More »

How to Tune a Demon Carb?

Demon carburetors offer several options to adjust the engine´s performance. This can be done by adjusting the carb's performance screws (idle-mixture screws and float-bowl screws) and butterfly po... Read More »