How to Go Away to College and Be Close to Family?

Answer This is the best way you can stay close to your family, yet you are so far away, some people do go too far away College and seldom ever see their family, here are some ways to virtually keep in con... Read More »

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How to Stay Close to Family and Have Your Career Too?

Well, often when running after two rabbits we’ll end up loosing both of them. But no, that saying is not always true and it does not apply here. Usually people find it confusing when they realize... Read More »

Is a cousin considered close family?

Whether your cousin is "close family" depends on what you consider, not what others do. If you grew up in the same town, played together, went to school together and dealt together with family prob... Read More »

How do I close a 529 college plan?

Close the AccountCall or email your financial adviser or a representative from the company holding your 529 plan account and request a personal meeting for the purpose of closing the account. Atten... Read More »

How to Close a 529 College Plan?

A 529 plan allows people to invest and save money for future college expenses without paying taxes on the investment earnings. If the beneficiary of a 529 account that you own does not attend colle... Read More »