How to Glue on Plastic Fingernails?

Answer If you have a habit of biting your nails but you want to have long and beautiful fingernails, then fake nails are an option for you. It is possible to get fake plastic nails at a salon, but you wil... Read More »

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What kind of glue do you use to glue a leather shoe to a plastic sole?

To glue a leather shoe upper to a plastic or rubber sole, you'll want to use an adhesive made just for gluing shoe parts. Probably the most popular of these is called "Shoe Goo." It's available onl... Read More »

How to Put on Fake Fingernails with a Nail Glue Substitute?

Imagine that you have your makeup applied just right, your hair styled in the latest trend and your fingernails polished perfectly. Then it happens -- a minor mishap such as the breaking of a finge... Read More »

How to Make Acrylic or Glue-on Nails Damage Your Fingernails Less?

Acrylic or glue-on nails will provide any woman with temporary, enviable nails. The nails are applied at home or the salon and generally last three to four weeks with proper care. Unfortunately, im... Read More »

How to Glue Polyethylene Plastic or Polypropylene Plastic?

Polyethylene and polypropylene plastics are used in a number of packaging, shipping and production products, including plumbing fittings, bottles and automotive parts. These plastics are designed t... Read More »