How to Glue Vinyl Fabric to an Auto Dashboard?

Answer Since its invention in the early 20th century, automobiles have been a symbol of pride and status for car owners around the world. From engine modification parts to seat covers, the auto industry p... Read More »

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What kind of glue can you use to reattach your vinyl trim to your dashboard?

try using 3-m spray glue. make sure surface is clean. squirt a "light"coat on both surfaces, let it sit for a minute, lay it down. WARNING once you lay it down, you cant pull it up again, so do it ... Read More »

Could you use balsa wood to hang an heirloom crazy quilt by using fabric glue to glue it on?

Answer I would not recommend using glue on an heirloom quilt. A better solution would be to create a pocket (or sleeve) for a curtain rod to go through, and sew it to the quilt. For information on... Read More »

Is there an over-the-counter glue that substitutes for vinyl liner patching glue and is easy to find?

Answer Using Underwater Glue, you can easily repair pool liners without draining the pool. Instructions are below.1. Get a piece of PVC (vinyl) liner patch material that would provide a surface a... Read More »

How to Fix a Vinyl Dashboard in a Car?

A vinyl dashboard is a cheaper alternative to wood or leather dashboards. If cared for properly, a vinyl dashboard should last for many years without cracking. However, if drying cleaners are used ... Read More »