How to Glue Plastic Sheeting to Foam?

Answer Gluing plastic sheeting to foam is useful for creating models, science projects and Halloween costumes. Adhering these two materials together can be a challenge, as hot glue guns can melt both mate... Read More »

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What is plastic sheeting?

Plastic sheeting is a flat piece of thermoplastic resin that is thin, usually 1 mm to 30 mm thick. Depending upon its thickness plastic sheeting can be used as a drop cloth or as a replacement for ... Read More »

How do I calculate the thickness of plastic sheeting?

InstructionsObtain a section of plastic sheeting large enough to fold several times. Proceed to fold it in half 7 to 8 times or until you cannot easily fold it anymore. Note how many folds you have... Read More »

How to Cut Sheeting Plastic With a Dremel?

The Dremel rotary tool fitted with a cutoff wheel is an effective combination for cutting sheet plastic under an inch in thickness. A rotary tool running at high speed makes a clean cut in most pla... Read More »

How to Use Hardware Store Plastic Sheeting as a Bedwetting Sheet?

This how to article talks about how you can use plastic sheeting from the hardware store to protect your bed from bedwetting by an incontinent person of any age. It works whether the person is a ch... Read More »