How to Glitch out of the Pit on Halo 3?

Answer The Pit is a Halo 3 map based in a UNSC training camp that can easily be glitched out of in Forge.

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How to Glitch out of Maps in Halo 2?

Read this to have fun with your friends in Halo 2 by glitching out of the map into new places. Have fun exploring new places or sniping your enemies from them.

How to Do a Banshee Glitch in Halo 3?

If you're ever bored on Halo 3, you might want to try this.

How to Do the Tank Spinning Glitch in Halo 2?

Do you want to surprise your friend that always beats you in Halo 2? Then show them the spinning tank glitch. To perform this excellent glitch you need only Halo 2, an xbox, and two controllers.

How to Do the Hammer Slammer Glitch in Halo 3?

The Hammer Slammer is a glitch in Halo 3 that sends you flying, without hurting you.