How to Glaze a Window Pane?

Answer Wooden single pane windows use a substance known as window glazing to seal the joints between glass window panes and the wood muntins that divide the window panes. This glazing prevents the window ... Read More »

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How to Remove a Window Pane?

Removing a window pane will depend on your type of windows. Traditional wooden window frames use a glazing compound that both eliminates drafts around the window pane and secures the pane. Vinyl an... Read More »

How to Replace a Window Pane?

If a window pane breaks in your home, you might wish to replace it as soon as possible to keep out bugs, rain or uncomfortable temperatures. Fortunately, you do not need to replace the entire frame... Read More »

How to Change a Window Pane?

Whether a thrown rock cracked the window pane or you are simply changing out an old piece of glass with a new one, replacing a window pane is easy for anyone even if you have never changed a piece ... Read More »

How to Create Rain on a Window Pane?

Whether for a stage prop or a decorative craft, you can make permanent rain drops on a window pane that look like the real thing. Use the window pane as part of the scenery for a play or skit so th... Read More »