How to Glaze Light Globes?

Answer Globe fixtures that cover light bulbs on ceiling fixtures and chandeliers are sometimes too plain. If you would like a change, but are't willing to buy a new fixture or globe cover, you can still e... Read More »

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How do I paint light globes?

Prepare the Light GlobePrepare the light globe by washing the entire area to paint with rubbing alcohol to remove any oil residue or dirt. Let it dry completely. Once cleaned, do not touch the pain... Read More »

How do I change light globes?

Globe RemovalPlace a step ladder underneath the light fixture. Loosen and remove the light globe by loosening the retaining screws holding the globe to the metal fixture ring, or untwist the globe ... Read More »

How to Replace Light Globes?

Light globes add a decorative finish to ceiling lights. If the one that came with your light is broken or needs an update to match your remodel, you can replace it. To replace the globe, you will n... Read More »

How to Replace Tail Light Globes in a VW?

Replacing the tail light globes in a VW isn't as difficult as knowing that the light has burned out in the first place. Tail light globes need to be replaced as quickly as possible to avoid the pos... Read More »