How to Give up Hormonal Contraception?

Answer More and more people have decided to give up hormonal contraception in recent years as their negative side effects become public. The decision to give up the pill can be confusing and stressful, es... Read More »

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Is pulling out a method of contraception?

The withdrawal or pulling out method of birth control has a failure rate of 27 percent, or 1 in 4 women will become pregnant among typical users. For those who are dilligent and use the method corr... Read More »

Views on the contraception implant. How was it for you?

Doesn't hurt being put in or being taken out. You get an anaesthetic injection. It worked for contraception. But going from someone on the pill who had normal periods and no PMT- basically anything... Read More »

What are the Cons of Intrauterine Contraception?

An intrautertine device (IUD) is a small piece of plastic shaped like a T. The device either contains synthetic progesterone or copper to prevent pregnancy. While there are benefits such as its lo... Read More »

What are some methods of contraception?

Condom, The pill, The diaphragm, The Coil / IUD - explanation of how IUD's work is given below: (And it appears to be debatable as to if the Coil/IUD's are actually "Contraceptice" devices or an ab... Read More »