How to Give up Bubble Gum?

Answer Looks like she hasn't read this wiki!Lots of people just want to give up bubble gum, but it is not possible without a replacement. For example, you cannot give up fruit juice but you can replace it... Read More »

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Can I give my 4 year old Bubble Gum?

My 3 year old chews gum. It took awhile before she figured out not to swallow it though. The greatest thing- its keeps them QUIET!! I give it to her while we are driving in the car and I can li... Read More »

When can I give a baby a bubble bath?

Check with the baby's pediatrician, this may depend on many variables. However, many sources do say that children, especially female children, should not take bubble baths (and some adults should n... Read More »

How to Give Your Toddler a Shower (Instead of a Bubble Bath)?

Young child wrapped in a towelToddlers don't like showers when they're used to bubble baths. You want to save water and time using the shower. But how many times you beg or plead your toddler, they... Read More »

Will a soap bubble made from a cold temperature bubble solution last longer?

Soap bubbles last longest in a cold solution as opposed to a warm solution because the of the evaporation caused by hotter temperatures. At colder temperatures, the bubbles take much longer to evap... Read More »