How to Give and Receive the Truth, No Matter How Harsh?

Answer "Truth be told" is a phrase that so often is misused. How many of us actually tell someone the truth regarding aspects of our/their lives? Will the truth actually cause more damage or just simplify... Read More »

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Can someone give advice on this matter?

Tiger...not enough info in your question really, but I wouldn't think a title could be transferred unless both signatures are present. If there is still a lien on the car from a bank, then the "th... Read More »

What planet has volcanoes that give off blue matter?

Mercury has volcanoes that may be releasing a dark blue material. In 2008, the Messenger probe sent infrared images back to NASA that showed this material covering much of the planet.Source:Seattle... Read More »

If your 16-year-old daughter is pregnant can you insist that she give up her baby for adoption or does she have any rights in the matter?

A pregnant minor has the same legal rights to her child as does an adult woman unless a court of law rules otherwise. Parents of the minor cannot force her to place the child for adoption, sign ov... Read More »

If you give a child up for adoption at the age of 17 can you ever receive visitation when the adoptive parents are your dad and stepmother?

You made them mad at you. huh? Or your child doesn't want to see you. You should have visitation.