How to Give an Instant Speech?

Answer Oh no! Its the day of that thing you were supposed to write. That thing you've had two months to do? You don't remember? No problem. Instant speeches are spontaneous and sometimes better than the s... Read More »

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Can you give a toddler Carnation Instant Breakfast?

On One Hand: The Product Provides Vitamins and MineralsEach serving of Carnation Instant Breakfast provides 500 grams of calcium and 9 grams of protein. It also provides iron, vitamin A and vitamin... Read More »

Whats the best lagal thing to take to give you instant energy (eg before going on stage, or runnin)?

redbull, monster, or LOADS of sugar or coke or something

How to Give a Thank You Speech?

The purpose of a Thank You or Acceptance Speech is to express gratitude for something shown/given you ... be it an award for achievement, a gracious, helpful and loving attitude (i.e. someone's tim... Read More »

How do you give a speech?

Firstly, know your topic. It's preferable that you do not bring up long notes - short points on cards will do.Practice your speech aloud. If you are uncomfortable, find someone to listen to you whi... Read More »