How to Give an Enema?

Answer An enema introduces liquids through a tube inserted into the bowel. Enemas are used to treat severe constipation and to introduce fluids in patients who can't receive them intravenously, as well as... Read More »

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How do you give an enema to a child?

You would insert the tip of the enema bottle in the rectum, and then inject the fluid into them. I would highly recommend that you lubricate the tip with some type of vasoline or KY jelly, as the r... Read More »

How to Administer an Enema?

Enema bagThere might be times that you will require taking an Enema such as preparation for certain medical tests, a colonoscopy or prior to surgery or as a treatment for constipation. There are al... Read More »

What is enema treatment ?

it is used to cleanse Ur intestines. To use for a week or two but not more than that. Lest, it may become habit forming.Enema is used before general anesthesia for conducting major surgeries, , del... Read More »

How to Administer a Coffee Enema?

Administer a coffee enema to cleanse toxins out of your liver and gall bladder and empty your colon of feces. Your health may improve if you give yourself a coffee enema that helps you excrete toxi... Read More »