How to Give an Acupressure Back Massage Sitting Down?

Answer Acupressure has been used for centuries throughout Asia for relaxation, health and meditation purposes. It is based on the prospect of shifting energy around the body by applying pressure to differ... Read More »

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How to Give Yourself a Natural Facelift With Acupressure and Massage?

Acupressure works like acupuncture, but uses finger pressure in place of needles. Gently applying pressure to acupressure points helps our chi--the body's energy--flow freely. Massage in conjunctio... Read More »

Can u give yourself a back massage?

You need two tennis balls and a sock. Put one ball all the way into the sock, tie a knot right above it, put the other ball in, and tie another knot. Lay on the floor with one ball on each side o... Read More »

How to Give a Back Massage?

Whether we’re hunched over a desk all day or standing for hours on our feet, the back takes a beating, and it needs a break. Soaking in a hot tub can help, but the best way to relax and ease tens... Read More »

How do I give a back massage?

Place one hand on the lower back and one hand between the shoulder blades.Warm up the back by applying thumb pressure along both sides of the spine simultaneously: Start at the lower back and knead... Read More »