How to Give a Working Dog a Task?

Answer Working dogs, according to the American Kennel Club, were born to fulfill tasks. Guarding, rescuing and sledding are among the behaviors that come naturally to them. These breeds, such as bullmasti... Read More »

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How to Stay on Task when You're Working on a Computer?

These can be useful tools, but great distractions also.In today’s society many people’s jobs include working at a computer. Social media sites, web browsing, and internet games are available at... Read More »

Can anyone give working hfc mac addresses?

A MAC address is simply a unique identifier for a network interface. (like an id for your laptop or iPhone or router....)What is it that you need a MAC address to work with?Your question doesn't re... Read More »

Can someone give me a working code for a remote audio receiver (Yamaha)?

Another good site to check for remote codes is They have a remote code for a lot of different items.

1 Explain the key differences between the characteristics of a soft real time task such as web browsing and a non real time task such as email delivery?