How to Give a Woman Reasons to Like You?

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Ive received an email from a woman claiming she is dying and wants to give me her inheritance 2 give 2 charity?

And why the hell would she pick you out of millions of other people - her solicitor can arrange for her money to go direct to a charity - they dont need a middle man. Report them to Yahoo and then... Read More »

10 Reasons Why a Woman Stays Single?

The single life is not only appealing to men. Historically, women have not had access to the same opportunities as men, which encouraged them to marry just to make a better life for themselves. Tod... Read More »

Give me 10 reasons why smoking is bad?

Bad breath, decreased lung capacity, unattractive, stifled respiratory cilia, weakened immune system, dependence on nicotine, yellowed teeth, raspy voice, various forms of cancer, potential for tra... Read More »


- Takes too much time which is generally a waste.- Friend lists are filled with people who are NOT actual friends- It damages the real life socialization- People whom you'd rather not talk to finds... Read More »