How to Give a Kid a Break?

Answer You see someone, who in your opinion, is acting badly. Maybe they have a weird hair do or color or maybe they are dressed strangely. Your first response is to think ill of them and judge them harsh... Read More »

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How to Break up Give me some !dea.?

use the classic break-up speech, "it's not you. it's me."

Does an Employer Have to Give You a Lunch Break?

Without a lunch break, you can become exhausted, uninspired and bored with your job. A meal period gives you time away from work so you can regain the strength needed to perform your duties at opti... Read More »

How long after waters break do you give birth?

the woman must give birth before 24 hours or that is risk for the mother of getting sick or worse DIEING! is also an option.

How soon after your waters break do you give birth?

Answer It depends on how your labor progresses. Also is this first delivery or have you had previous deliveries? How frequent are your contractions? there are several factors.