How to Give a Haircut With Electric Clippers?

Answer With a little practice you can save on haircuts and get professional-looking results at home. Electric clippers are inexpensive, readily available, easy to use and many come in a kit with everythin... Read More »

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How to Give Yourself a Haircut With Clippers?

If you get the same haircut every time you go to the barber, have you ever thought about saving the monthly expense and doing it yourself? Most DIY haircut methods involve using scissors, which can... Read More »

How to Give a Men's Haircut With Clippers?

Cutting your own or someone else's hair with clippers is an easy way to save time and money by "cutting" the barber out completely! The clippers come with several blade guards of various sizes for ... Read More »

How to Give a Peekapoo a Teddybear Haircut With Clippers?

The peekapoo, or pekeapoo, is a hybrid dog obtained by breeding a pekingese with a poodle. The breed is a toy dog, weighing up to 20 lbs. The coat of the peekapoo comes in black, silver, apricot or... Read More »

How to Do a Little Boy Haircut With Clippers?

Electric clippers, with their fast-moving blades, can make quick work of the hair-cutting process, enabling you to trim hair evenly and attractively in a short amount of time. Even squirmy little o... Read More »