How to Give a Diabetic a Pedicure?

Answer The difference between giving a pedicure to a regular person versus a diabetic is that a diabetic may have circulatory problems which result in a loss of sensation to the feet, or highly sensitive ... Read More »

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How to Give Yourself a Pedicure?

You don't need to rush off to a salon before donning those open-toed shoes. Get your feet in tip-top shape at home. Does this Spark an idea?

How to Give Myself a Pedicure?

Keeping your toenails and feet in tiptop shape is important, because you want to be able to wear sandals without being embarrassed. Plus, you don't want to risk getting ingrown toenails, which can ... Read More »

How to Give a Man a Pedicure?

Though it's tempting to consider pedicures and other spa treatments women's pastimes, men can benefit from these treatments as well. Over the past decade, the stigma has largely disappeared from be... Read More »

How to Give Someone a Pedicure?

Like to make others feel special? Love to pamper? Then perhaps giving pedicures is the hobby for you.WHAT?!? You don't like feet?!?! Well, after this quick, easy lesson, you may feel a little diffe... Read More »