How to Give a Child a Time Out?

Answer Are your children misbehaving constantly but you don't want to use harsh punishments? Try a simple time out instead. This works best for ages 3-8 but could be changed slightly for older children.

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Minimum time for give birth to second child?

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In Maryland how do you give up custody of an adopted child who is hurting your other children and what happens to the child you give up?

This is what happened when I used to live near their, but they took the child away from the parent and is put in another relatives hands. although that is what happened after you gave up the custod... Read More »

Can a mother in Tenn. give up her legal rights to a child at time of birth to a relative without going to court or contacting a judge and how long does she have to change mind if she wants it back?

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Do you have to pay child support if you give up your parental rights to a child if the child is living with the other parent?

Usually you have to continue pay even if you give up your parental rights, yes, unless the other parent agrees to you not paying anymore.