How to Give a Cat Medicine With a Syringe?

Answer Trying to give your cat liquid with a syringe is somewhat akin to trying to give a toddler a foul-tasting medicine. If you take the proper precautions you and your pet will quickly forget the exper... Read More »

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How to Give the Right Amount to My Dog With a One-Milliliter Syringe?

Syringes come in many different sizes and a one-milliliter syringe is very small and is used for injections on small dogs, such as a toy breed. These syringes are usually marked with 1 mL on one en... Read More »

Does Dropping a syringe full of insulin ruin the syringe?

How often do you give medicine?

If you mean medicine like a teething gel they can usually be rubbed on the gums every 20 - 30mins if nessessary. If you mean a proper pain killer like calpol or neurofen i try to give these as fewe... Read More »

How to Give a Cat Medicine?

Expect a struggle.There is really no easy way to administer medicines to your cat. Cats are quick, and can easily slip away from you, and hide. Try various methods, depending on the size of your ca... Read More »