How to Give a Buzz Cut With Bangs?

Answer The buzz cut is a common male hairstyle. Men are the traditional wearers of this cut, but women can do it too. It's a lot easier to have a helping hand to make the cut for you or to evaluate if yo... Read More »

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My friend told me that bangs give you acne, and i just got bangs. what do i do and is it true?

Bangs don't necessarily give you acne. If you have bad skin to begin with, then gettting bangs that stick to your forehead all day could contribute to the mess. But if you have okay skin, wash yo... Read More »

How to Give Myself Bangs With Long Curly Hair?

Although full, curly hair is a classic look, it can be difficult to style. Bangs are especially challenging to cut on long, curly hair because it's easy for them to end up crooked or too short. Peo... Read More »

How to Give a Kid a Buzz Cut?

Summertime is hot weather time and an active child who plays outside would appreciate anything that can keep him cooler. Giving a child a buzz cut is a good way to keep him cool. In addition, a buz... Read More »

How to Give a Buzz Cut?

Giving a buzz cut requires little preparation and should only take a few minutes. Does this Spark an idea?