How to Give a Bed Bath?

Answer Bed baths have been given for centuries to people who are sedentary, bedridden or difficult to move. Giving a bed bath involves washing the entire body one section at a time, then rinsing and dryin... Read More »

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How to Give Your Hamster a Bath?

Does your room smell like a pigsty because of your hamster's cage? If you find out it's not the cage, but the hamster itself, here are some good instructions to rid your hamster of the smelly odor.

Do you need to give hamsters a bath?

On One Hand: Hamsters Don't Need BathingThe natural oils in a hamster coat help protect the hamster from the elements. Bathing removes those oils and can lead to illness and possibly death. Unless ... Read More »

How to Give a Baby a Bath?

Ever wonder the little tricks that make bath time fun, that don't kill your back? That don't drown and/or burn the baby? Well, here you are:

How to Give Your Rabbit a Bath?

Most rabbits will never need a bath. But if it's unsafe or not possible for your rabbit to clean himself, here's how you can give him a bath.