How to Give a Bed Bath?

Answer Bed baths have been given for centuries to people who are sedentary, bedridden or difficult to move. Giving a bed bath involves washing the entire body one section at a time, then rinsing and dryin... Read More »

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How to Give a Small Dog a Bath?

Although small dogs are relatively easy to bathe, going to the expense of taking your small dog to a high-volume salon can prove stressful for your dog, as the noise and activity levels may frighte... Read More »

How to Give a Horse a Bath?

You don't need to give your horse bath often. Generally about three times a year as a minimum is a good idea but it is dependent on where you reside, the type of pasture the horse is in and the eve... Read More »

How to Give a Baby a Bath?

Ever wonder the little tricks that make bath time fun, that don't kill your back? That don't drown and/or burn the baby? Well, here you are:

How to Give a Kitten a Bath?

Everyone has to give their kitten a bath for the first time sometime. Baths can be scary for a kitten has never had one before. But with this article, you will be able to give your new kitty a bath... Read More »