How to Give a Bath to a Frail Elderly Person?

Answer Some people see it as a chore, some see it as fun; bathing elderly people.

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How to Care for the Elderly & the Frail?

As your loved ones become older and more frail, they will not only need additional care to prevent from getting hurt but also help with the daily activities they were once able to do on their own. ... Read More »

How to Cook for an Elderly Person?

As people age, their tastebuds loose the ability to detect flavors in food; as a result, food starts to loose its flavor and taste bland. Salty and sweet are the first tastes to go, followed by sou... Read More »

How to Be a Companion to an Elderly Person?

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How to Live with an Elderly Person?

Living with the older person has unique rewards and may have challenges for all those concerned about them. Be patient as well as understanding. They may well prefer to be self-sufficient, and will... Read More »