How to Give Yourself Pretty Side Bangs?

Answer You could pay hundreds of dollars for a professional, styled look at a hairdresser's. Naturally quickly giving yourself the same desirable look, without troubling a professional -- or your wallet -... Read More »

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How to Give Yourself Side-Swept Bangs?

Side-swept bangs are an easy way to update your regular hairstyle without a drastic change to your haircut or hair length. These bangs are longer and usually on one side of the face; therefore, the... Read More »

Im getting side swept bangs , should i get kinda short bangs or a little longer?

A little longer, shorter bangs won't sweep to the side very well

My friend told me that bangs give you acne, and i just got bangs. what do i do and is it true?

Bangs don't necessarily give you acne. If you have bad skin to begin with, then gettting bangs that stick to your forehead all day could contribute to the mess. But if you have okay skin, wash yo... Read More »

Will side bangs look....?

Well I have like very curly hair and I always LOVED the idea of side bangs they look amazing, and I bet they will on you too. My brother has this friend who has a big forehead too and she got side ... Read More »