How to Give Yourself Dreads?

Answer Dread locks are sometimes worn by people with kinky hair but people with other hair textures can attain dreads as well. Each lock of hair resembles a matted twisted rope where the hair strands are ... Read More »

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How to Retwist Dreads Yourself?

Dreadlocking is a hair style that involves twisting small pieces of hair until they begin to lock or fuse together and form what is known as a dreadlock. This style is most commonly used by people... Read More »

How to Give Yourself a Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax is far more than a bikini wax as it not only removes the pubic hair along the bikini line, it removes every last pubic hair. If you are brave enough to try this at home, make sure y... Read More »

How to Give Yourself a Pep Talk?

So, you got something big coming up that's giving you the butterflies?Just wanna give yourself a little confidence boost? Let's learn the ideals of a self-addressed pep talk!

How to give yourself a bruise?

Well, bruises are basically veins that have been somehow damaged. I recommend you just use blue or purple eyeshadow, and maybe a little yellow.If you want hickeys, well, the first thing I can tell ... Read More »