How to Give Yourself 360 Waves?

Answer The attractive waving pattern that develops when a man frequently brushes his hair in a circular fashion is a 360 wave. The hairstyle is generally worn by African-American men, but can be applied t... Read More »

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How to Give Yourself Loose Waves With a Flat Iron?

Despite the name, a flat iron (also known as a straightening iron) is a versatile tool that can do much more than simply make curly hair straight. It can also be used to create soft curls and loose... Read More »

What type of electromagnetic waves does a heat lamp give away?

Ordinary heat lamps emit a broad spectrum of infrared electromagnetic radiation, plus the longer wave lengths of red light. But special heat lamps emit only infrared electromagnetic waves 2 to 25 m... Read More »

What is the difference between radio waves&cell phone waves?

Cell phone signals are transmitted through the medium of electromagnetic waves. The types of waves that make up the electromagnetic spectrum include (in part) radio waves, microwaves, infrared wave... Read More »

How to Make Micro 360 Waves to Deep 360 Waves?

Waves are a popular hairstyle among African-American men and can be seen on the heads of a number of celebrities. If you try to duplicate the "deep wave look" but can achieve only micro waves, it i... Read More »