How to Give Your Toddler a Shower (Instead of a Bubble Bath)?

Answer Young child wrapped in a towelToddlers don't like showers when they're used to bubble baths. You want to save water and time using the shower. But how many times you beg or plead your toddler, they... Read More »

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Bubble bath......or Hot shower?

Definitely shower in the morning and a long, hot soak in the evening. I'd love to have a big hot-tub in my garden and just sit & relax in it when I wanted to, morning, noon or night! d... Read More »

When can I give a baby a bubble bath?

Check with the baby's pediatrician, this may depend on many variables. However, many sources do say that children, especially female children, should not take bubble baths (and some adults should n... Read More »

How to Give a Senior a Bath on a Shower Seat?

Bathing is an essential part of life. Seniors require bathing, and sometimes that bath is performed as the person sits on a shower seat. Shower seats are stable and provide a place for seniors to s... Read More »

How can you secure bath tub knobs so your toddler cannot take a bath on their own?

AnswerIt depends what type of knobs you have in your bath tub. Go to a hardware store and they can give you some solutions to the problem. It's best to have a lock on your bathroom door (keep a spa... Read More »