How to Give Your Son a Zerbert or Raspberry?

Answer Giving your son a raspberry or zerbert is a fun way to make you both laugh so here's how to do it

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Does this sound good Chocolate cupcakes with raspberry filling and raspberry buttercream?

OMG when are you going to make this and can you PLEASE invite me when you do???? Raspberry and chocolate are my two favorite flavors together.

You drank a big cup of raspberry and you started having contractions 5min apart but it didnt change your cervix what can you do to get your cervics to change?

Answer It is possible that your cervix will never dilate and therefore you need to have a c-section.

My 6 y.o. son says the best way to show love is to stomp your feet and say raspberry. Is he a normal boy?

My son says the best way to show love is by hitting people with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles katana.I personally prefer hitting them with the red extendable plastic Lightsaber.

In Maryland how do you give up custody of an adopted child who is hurting your other children and what happens to the child you give up?

This is what happened when I used to live near their, but they took the child away from the parent and is put in another relatives hands. although that is what happened after you gave up the custod... Read More »