How to Give Your Legs and Arms a Realistic Fake Tan?

Answer If you burn really easy but have a hard time tanning why not try a self-tanner cream. It will eliminate any risk of burning and you can control how dark or light of a tan you want, here are a few e... Read More »

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Can numbness heaviness in arms and legs tender breasts muscle exhaustion tight muscles in feet or legs absentmindedness waking up much earlier than normal all be signs of pregnancy?

How to Make a Realistic Looking Fake Gun?

ever wanted to make a war movie or just have fun, but fake guns look to cheezy this is how to remedy that.

Where can you order realistic fake braces?

you can go to and they have realistic looking fake braces in a variety of colors. they are costly, but worth it.

How to Create a Realistic Looking but Fake Virus?

This guide shows how to pull up a window to full screen that looks a lot like the computer is being hacked!