How to Give Your Legs and Arms a Realistic Fake Tan?

Answer If you burn really easy but have a hard time tanning why not try a self-tanner cream. It will eliminate any risk of burning and you can control how dark or light of a tan you want, here are a few e... Read More »

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What age did u start shaving your arms and legs?

Everyone has arm hair. You really shouldn't worry about that at all, and you should NEVER shave them. That just encourages them to grow back thicker and darker. You should focus on trying to convin... Read More »

How to Close Big Pores on Your Legs, Arms and Face?

For the most part, pores should be completely unnoticeable. When a person has problematic skin, though, it causes pores to become enlarged. Open pores on the legs, arms, and face are usually the re... Read More »

How to remove mosquito bite marks off your legs and arms?

Soak cotton balls in white vinegar and let them sit on the spots for like 20 minutes. They won't fully go away but it helps.

Is a bump on the back of your head serious if you also have dizziness headaches nausea visual changes and tingling in your arms and legs?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS% Answer I am going to take a leap of faith here and assume this is a legitimate question. Having stated that, yes, you need medical attention! The symptoms you describe would indi... Read More »