How to Give Your Home the Makeover It Deserves?

Answer Preface to article: Do not make any changes or repairs to a residence that you do not own, without the consent and approval of the owner.Let’s face it, every couple of months, it is our human nat... Read More »

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Do you think your house deserves to be in home and garden?

Do the people who live in those houses have kids? pets? a sense of humor? Guess you know my answer! lol

How to Give Yourself a Makeover?

Some women don't take long to get bored of their appearance. Television shows like "What Not To Wear" and "How Do I Look?" remind many that it's time to update makeup and style, but how can you ach... Read More »

How do I give myself a makeover?

I'm gonna assume you're willing to buy stuff because well..people do that when they want a makeover. First of all, go to Walgreens..ugh I love that store. Get a mask! Mint Julep by Queen Helene or ... Read More »

How to Give a Guy a Makeover?

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