How to Give Your Gerbil Treats?

Answer Some gerbils don't take treats. They would like to but you're doing it incorrectly. Below shows you the steps on how to Give your Gerbil Treats

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Can you give your gerbil rat food?

On One Hand: Rat Food Is CompleteRat-food pellets purchased through commercial outlets such as pet supply stores will generally meet the nutritional requirements of your pet gerbils. Some 85 to 10... Read More »

How to Give Your Gerbil a Sand Bath?

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How to Give a Gerbil a Sand Bath?

Sometimes gerbils just look a bit scruffy. Maybe you just got them? Maybe they just look messy. But there is a way to make their fur look shiny and smooth again - a sandbath! After all, gerbils com... Read More »

Do you give your baby treats?

My kids get 1 cookie per day in average. They're four years old and two years old. But they also eat fruits (that's one of the requirements for them to earn their cookie) and vegetables, so I think... Read More »