How to Give Your Employees What They Really Want for Christmas?

Answer Before spending big bucks on the usual Christmas do at the office this year, think again. Channeling that money into things your employees would much rather have, especially during a recession, mea... Read More »

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On wikipedia it says that they are all vollenteers, what is in it for their hundreds of employees really?

All Wikipedia editors are volunteers. The Wikimedia Foundation which runs Wikipedia only has 14 or so (see source) paid employees as of writing this; everyone else is doing it because they want to.... Read More »

How can you get your parents to get you something you really want but you cant afford it and they can?

!.ask2. note their reasons for why they cant buy it for you3. go to your room and think of counter-reasons. 4. present your counter-reasons to them.5. repeat if necessary. 6. if you are stumped and... Read More »

If you have a diff phone right now with ATnt and you have another person in your house with an iphone and they want to get the new one and give you theirs can i get the unlimited plan they have?

Myspace...i really want one. Should i get one or stay away from them..and are they really that BAD Thanks =]?

They aren't bad, people just really blow up the whole idea of myspace.