How to Give Your Dog Basic Training?

Answer You don't have to be a drill sergeant to train your new companion, however training your dog takes time, love, and patience; not to mention oodles of praise. You need to be firm and consistent, but... Read More »

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Can you leave to go to basic training when your seventeen?

Yes, although it requires parental consent for you to enlist before you're 18. I personally left for BCT when I was 17, and turned 18 while I was in BCT.

What do you write to your boyfriend in basic training?

Whatever you feel like writing. If you're sending a postcard, where the writing is openly visible, you would want to use discretion in what you wrote on it. Or, if you wanted him to suffer it out a... Read More »

Do you have to cut your hair if you are a female for basic training?

Females are not required to cut their hair prior to or during basic training as long as the hair can be properly secured. The hair must remain above the back of the collar and off of the ears and e... Read More »

Are you a national guard veteran if your are discharged in basic training?

No. If you receive an Entry Level Separation, you basically never made it in.