How to Give Your Curly Afro the Wet Look?

Answer The Afro hairstyle started out as a political statement of pride for African-Americans in the 1970s. It has evolved and can still be considered a modern hairstyle today. Both men and women sport Af... Read More »

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How can i get a curly afro?

if your hair is naturally straight, you will have to get a curly perm. i think you can buy it at a beauty supply store, or if you want you can get it done at a salon. but make sure to say "Perm tha... Read More »

How to Create the Bohemian Curly Afro?

Curly afros are often associated with free bohemian spirits who are creative and have fun. The word "afro" is short for African-American, since the natural style became popular among African-Americ... Read More »

Hairstyles for Curly Afro Hair?

When styling curly afro hair, you have a number of options besides wearing a basic afro. You can combine other styles into your afro for a different look or you can also straighten your curly hair.... Read More »

How to Make Straight Hair Into a Curly Afro?

Want your drab and un-fab hair to be super curly and afro like? Take these steps and figure out of you can!