How to Give Up a Certain Meat?

Answer Whether you want to stop eating red meat, poultry, fish or pork, giving up a type of meat involves a lifestyle and attitude change that is focused around finding alternatives to that meat product. ... Read More »

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Which meat was the easiest to give up?

Give up what first... Dairy and eggs or meat!?

That's a theory I've heard tossed around--after a visit to Farm Sanctuary, cartoonist Dan Piraro decided to go vegan. His girlfriend at the time asked if he didn't want to go vegetarian first, and... Read More »

GIVE me a good name for a meat company?

Was it hard to give up did you deal with the cravings?

I've never met a long term vegetarian who liked meat that much to begin with.Over the years, nearly every person I know who actually stuck with being a vegetarian simply didn't like meat that much ... Read More »