How to Give Time for Your Husband and Kids?

Answer 1. make sure that once a week your family have a time together.2. prepare all the things their needs for Monday to Friday. 3. always give them a hug, kiss, and love. 4. make their foods so exciting... Read More »

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How can you get your son's father to give up his parental right so your husband can adopt him?

Answer I would offer a stoppage in Child support. Still let him be able to see the kid from time to time. That is a fathers worse nightmare. He already has no influence in his sons lfe...he just do... Read More »

How do you get a divorce and custody of your children in the UK if your husband was physically abusive in your marriage but you then comitted adultery and left him with the kids for a couple of weeks?

Answer You are really going to need a good lawyer for this one. No matter what the circumstance you deserted your children and left them in a dangerous environment and it will appear to the courts... Read More »

If your husband adopts your kids would he have to pay childsupport if you divorced?

What countries can you flee to with your kids to get away from your abusive ex-husband?

Answer Stand and fight mom! Stay where you are and walk into any Women's Abuse Center with your children and a counselor will see you and help you out. There are Transition Houses to go too where y... Read More »