How to Give That Trustful Vibe?

Answer It can be hard to establish a sense of trust when people are fearful, worried or defensive around you. Differentiating yourself from a charlatan or a fair-weather friend can be vital in personal, b... Read More »

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What paint color and decor changes would you suggest for this room to give it a serene, but cheerful vibe?

How about sky blue for the walls ?You could even think of painting some kind of serene landscape with your painting skills :-) Like a rising sun, an ocean/sea with palm trees, a bamboo cluster, fly... Read More »

R&P.. Same song, Different vibe! What are your favorite cover songs that have a completely different vibe...?

Marilyn Manson singing this little ditty…

Is Wikipedia a trustful source or not and Why?

Your professor is right, wikipedia is not "trusted" as a source. For most things, its fine, but for things like college papers or real, professional use, its not recommended. Basically, all pages o... Read More »

How to Replace a Fan in a Vibe?

The Pontiac Vibe contains a pair of cooling fans near the radiator. The fans run on direct current from the battery, unlike older fans that used belts. The fans switch on automatically to cool the ... Read More »