How to Give That Trustful Vibe?

Answer It can be hard to establish a sense of trust when people are fearful, worried or defensive around you. Differentiating yourself from a charlatan or a fair-weather friend can be vital in personal, b... Read More »

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R&P.. Same song, Different vibe! What are your favorite cover songs that have a completely different vibe...?

Marilyn Manson singing this little ditty…

What paint color and decor changes would you suggest for this room to give it a serene, but cheerful vibe?

How about sky blue for the walls ?You could even think of painting some kind of serene landscape with your painting skills :-) Like a rising sun, an ocean/sea with palm trees, a bamboo cluster, fly... Read More »

Is Wikipedia a trustful source or not and Why?

Your professor is right, wikipedia is not "trusted" as a source. For most things, its fine, but for things like college papers or real, professional use, its not recommended. Basically, all pages o... Read More »

What are some of your favorite covers that have a completely different vibe from the original?

Diamonds and Rust - Judas Priest live from Unleashed In The East. They also do an acoustic version.…And original by Joan Baez. Read More »