How to Give Someone a Crush Note Without Them Finding Out?

Answer You might be baffled on just how to tell that guy you like him, but secretly. Well, here's my way to do it!

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How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them in a Note?

You think you're ready to tell your crush that you like them more than just a friend. Facebook and emails are obviously bad choices. They may think you are just joking or that someone has hacked yo... Read More »

Can a property management company hire someone without a real estate license and give them commissions to rent apartments?

How to Get AIM Without Parental Permission and Avoid Them Finding Out?

Parents can be a drag sometimes. They may not want you to have certain stuff because they didn't have it or they do not trust you enough to NOT talk to strangers.

What authority do you give someone when you give them admin on facebook?

they can do anything you can do - including kicking your out of your own group or pageso never make someone an admin if you dont know them in person